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Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS)

Pops for Passers

On each report card day, students can bring their report card to the cafeteria during lunch to receive a Blow pop if they passed all their classes. We highlight the grades as we review them and congratulate the students on their success. Pops for passers is announced for several days before report card day and report cards are distributed right before lunch.


PBIS Reward Days

Once a semester, students who have no ISS or OSS during that semester qualify for Reward Day. A variety of fun activities will be provided for those students to participate in on Reward Day.  


Student PBIS Team

Each year, teachers nominate students to be a part of the student PBIS team. The team is composed of students of all ability levels and demographics. They meet monthly and discuss discipline data, possible rewards, problem behaviors, and also provide overall student concerns to the teacher PBIS committee.


Get Caught Doing Something Right

When a student is caught doing something right they will receive a red TROJAN PRIDE ticket by the teacher or faculty member observing the good behavior.  The TROJAN PRIDE ticket can be redeemed in the media center for a pass of their choice which could be a homework pass, move to the front of the lunch line pass, redo an assignment pass, choose your seat in the classroom pass, or bonus points pass.


Student of the Month

Monthly, teachers nominate a student in their class they believe exhibits Trojan PRIDE (preparation, respect, integrity, dependability and excellence) and give the PBIS coordinator a brief explanation as to why the student deserves to be recognized.  The Students of the Month are announced during PRIDE time on the last Thursday of the month. The commentary on WHY the student received this award is read over the intercom and students are then treated to a lunch provided by a PBIS community partner. Their picture is taken and placed in the Lee County Ledger each month as well as posted on social media and the newsletter that goes home with report cards



Teacher of the Month

Each month, the students are allowed to vote online for the teacher of the month using a Google Form. They also give an explanation about why their nominee should receive this award. The teacher with the most votes wins and is announced with the Student of the Month the last Thursday of the month.  Comments from the students are also read on the intercom system. In addition, comments students made about other teachers are also read at a rate of 2-3 per day. Their picture is taken and posted on social media and in the local paper.