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Teacher of the Year


Mrs. Allison Douglas

Lee County High School 9th Grade Campus in Leesburg, Georgia has named Allison Douglas as their Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Douglas teaches both regular and honors literature. Upon graduation from Lee County High School in 1993, Mrs. Douglas earned a Bachelor of Science in English from Georgia Southwestern State University. In 2003, she received her Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Troy State University and has since added both a reading endorsement and gifted certification to her certificate. Mrs. Douglas lives in Lee County with her husband Stephen and their children, Chapel and Tess. Mrs. Douglas’s teaching philosophy is that teachers must encourage students to risk being wrong in order to grow. Mrs. Douglas tries to be herself in her classroom as much as possible, which means acting crazy in front of her students and admitting to them that though there is much she can teach them, there are also things she doesn’t know. When we as teachers make mistakes, we must own them and recover from them in front of what can sometimes be a critical audience, but this demonstrates to our students that making a mistake is just a step in the learning process. Honors students especially have a fear of submitting any answer they aren’t certain is correct, so Mrs. Douglas tries to remove the stigma associated with the eventual and inevitable incorrect answer, fostering confidence and growth in her students. Mrs. Douglas’s mantra is “Make new mistakes!” as students are preparing to submit their latest writing assignments. She reminds them that, ironically, there is nothing inherently wrong with making mistakes if we learn something as a result. Congratulations, Mrs. Allison Douglas, LCHS 9th Grade Campus Teacher of the Year!